Why Shop Local?

Do you know what it means to shop local? Shopping local businesses can go a long way toward helping the local economy, plus you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re supporting your friends and neighbors!

It can be tempting to turn to the big chain stores due to the large selection and the convenience, but shopping locally-owned businesses can do a lot to grow your community. When you spend money at a locally-owned business, much of your money will stay within the community. Conversely, when you spend money at large chain stores, your money is exported to other regions, even other countries, benefiting their economies — not yours!

Locally-owned businesses also tend to hire locally, so that means more jobs within your city or town.

Shopping local markets and purchasing locally-grown foods also has several added benefits. Firstly, there’s the freshness factor! Locally-produced foods can literally go from the farm field to your dinner table in just a day or two, so it doesn’t get much fresher than that!

What’s more, locally-produced foods and products are less expensive and you tend to get more value for your dollar because transport costs are minimal. In fact, transportation costs can account for one-third (or more!) of the cost of any given food product!

Smaller, family-owned farmers and business owners also tend to favor quality over quantity, which is always ideal (especially when it comes to the food that you’re feeding your family!) These are just some of the many benefits of opting for locally-produced foods/products and patronizing local businesses!

If you’re on the hunt for organic, locally-produced and locally-grown foods, make your way to Eco Local Markets. Eco Local Markets provide you with the perfect opportunity to connect with local producers and growers in your area. And since Eco Local Markets lets you shop direct from the local food producers, you’ll save money since we’re eliminating the middleman!

If you’re ready to start shopping local, make your way to Eco Local Markets. Learn more today at EcoLocalMarkets.com.


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