The USDA is Being Sued Over Animal Welfare, Here’s Why:

Like we talked about in a previous post (read: “Are Corporations Lying To You About Their “Free Range” Labels?“), just because a corporation labels its products “free-range” and “organic”, it doesn’t necessarily mean what we would think. These labels give no guarantees abut animal welfare, even though big corporations want to make it seem that way.

Because of the vague standard for animal welfare labels and the USDA’s lack of oversight, a new policy was implemented to ensure the health and welfare of livestock for companies that label their products as “organic”.

This rule promised that when animal products had a certified organic label, it would also mean the animals were treated more humanely. Chickens would have more space to roam and real access to the outdoors. Consumers wouldn’t be misguided by the formerly hypocritical and vague “organic” labels at the grocery store. Animals would be treated with more compassion. However, this new rule was never able to take effect.


The new presidential administration froze all new legislation and the new rule was delayed for four months. After the four months were up, the USDA delayed the policy again for another six months. Government representatives who have taken money from big egg-producing corporations intend to delay this legislation indefinitely, never allowing the new standard to be implemented.

The Organic Trade Association (OTA), fed up with the bureaucracy and big poultry/egg corporations, has now sued the USDA. They claim that the new organic and animal welfare policy was unfairly and unlawfully delayed. The OTA hopes to make the rule effective immediately.

So, until further notice, it’s important for consumers to be aware that just because a grocery store label says “organic”, it doesn’t mean the animal was treated humanely. Most of those companies are doing everything in their power to ensure the law never passes. They want to keep lying to you.

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