Urban Farming and Why It’s So Awesome

While putting the words “urban” and “farming” together may seem like an oxymoron, the practice of urban farming is anything but moronic.

What is urban farming?

Urban farming is the process of growing food (to sell) in a city. These can include produce, plants to create teas and oils, and animal husbandry. Although most grocery store food still comes from non-local, traditional farms, the benefits of urban farming mean this new trend is here to stay.

Image from Dallas Farmer’s Market

What’s so great about urban farming?

Through community farming, cities that normally wouldn’t produce their own food can expand their local economies by growing and selling within their city. This creates jobs for those in the community and often beautifies the city in the process (who doesn’t love looking at a lush greenhouse?).

Image by Green and Growing

Urban farming also often helps to provide food to those in the community who may not have access to it. The United Nations praises urban agriculture for its contribution to food availability for food-insecure people in cities and urban areas.

Image by Ferry Building Marketplace

Research by Oxford Academic shows that urban farming is linked to improved physical health and the nutrition of the community. This is due to the common local farming practice of growing organic and chemical-free foods.

The research also shows that urban farms improve the mental health of those who utilize them. This is probably due to the sense of community involvement one gets from buying within their city.

Image by Newman Today

To buy from an urban farm in your city means to buy locally. This means saving thousands of miles of exhaust gases and fossil fuels from non-local, imported food. It also reduces food’s carbon footprint and soil degradation.

Image by Indy’s Child

Though urban farming is growing in popularity in every city, the best cities for this practice include Portland (OR), Seattle (WA), Austin (TX), Boston (MA), Chicago (IL), and Detroit (MI).

Image by Rockefeller Center

How do I buy from a farm in my community?

If you live in a city and want to experience all of the benefits of buying locally, do a quick Google search of urban farms or community gardens in your area!

Also, make sure to visit Eco Local Markets for the convenience of buying locally online!


  1. Having grown up in the open air of Vermont, there is nothing quite like local products. Whether it is fresh fruit and vegetables grown by the local farmer or local meats, the difference between local and organic goods far outweighs the big box supermarkets. Not only are you focusing on your own personal health and well being you are contributing to your communities by purchasing there products. Love Eco Local Markets!!!

  2. Darlene,

    We are happy to hear you love Eco Local Markets. Thank you for such the wonderful comment. Personal health and community well being is our priority.

    Welcome to the Eco family!

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