Top 5 Imported Foods From China To Avoid

It’s no secret that food safety standards in China are questionable at best. It’s been reported that 20% of all farmland in the country is contaminated, while over 60% of groundwater is “severely polluted”.

The government does little to regulate the food industry or it’s pollution. Asiaspection, a quality control specialist who inspects thousands of Chinese factories and farms, said nearly half of all food processing companies fail to meet the safety requirements of their clients (who are often US-based companies). In fact, even the food labelled “organic” often doesn’t meet even the most basic pollutant requirements of the country.

Even though China’s food regulation is minimal, surely the FDA protects the US from contaminated products coming in, right? (Nope.) Because of the sheer volume of imported foods entering the US, the FDA only inspects only about 1% of them.

That means, it’s up to consumers to gauge whether or not their food is imported or safe. With that being said, here’s the top 5 foods from China to make sure you avoid!

1. Eggs

Perhaps one of the biggest food scandals of the century, it’s been revealed that eggs from China often… aren’t actually eggs. Fake eggs are made out of coagulant, resin, and dye. It’s often very hard to distinguish between real eggs and their fake counterparts.

2. Fish

Over half of US cod and tilapia comes from China. The fish are being raised in contaminated waters and then processed in factories with little to no regulation.

3. Apples

Half of all apple juice sold in the US comes from China. The fruit is often doused in harmful pesticides and fertilizers, even though many of which have been banned by the government. Even if it says “organic”, oftentimes even those fruits have been exposed to multiple pollutants and chemicals.

4. Garlic

Plenty of garlic sold in the US comes from China, and it’s oftentimes laced with the pesticide methyl bromide. This chemical has been known to cause plenty of health defects and has been listed by the FDA as a “highly acute toxic”.

5. Chicken

Chicken processed in China has often been exposed to so many pollutants, it’s actually caused sickness in humans and animals. On top of typically being inhumane, chicken farms in China have been said to pollute the country even more than factories.

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