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Using Eco Local Markets by, URL, web search, mobile, and not limited to, browsing you have agreed to this agreement, Terms of Use. This also includes the Third Party Agreement and other Policies and/or Agreements. All sellers, users, browsers, customers, merchants, and content contributors must abide by the Terms of Use and all Policies related and attached to Eco Local Markets Inc., www.ecolocalmarkets.com. Use of the website by a third party (you, the user, vendor, viewer, seller, customer) acknowledges the Terms of Use and all policies associated within the website.


Effective May 11, 2015: the Agreement is between you and Eco Local Markets, Inc., If you have any questions, please contact info@ecolocalmarkets.com

Eco Local Markets

Eco Local Markets (www.ecolocalmarkets.com) hosts a platform that allows suppliers and consumers (whom abide by the Terms of Use) to sell and purchase products as marked by its product price. Product descriptions and prices are listed by the sellers (product owners) and Eco Local Markets has no ownership in such products and descriptions and does not provide such authenticity for products. Eco Local Markets reserves the right to allow users and product owners to use www.ecolocalmarkets.com who do not abide by the Terms of Use. Each user acknowledges that by use of Eco Local Markets they must abide by the Terms of Use. Payment of products and processing of funds is not ensured by Eco Local Markets. The party (“buyer” and “seller”) must complete all transactions in a legal manner according to their state laws. Therefore, Eco Local Markets does not ensure that transactions between buyer and seller are labeled as “complete” nor do we ensure or transmit legal ownership to either party.

Eco Local Markets allows for user descriptions and requests users to supply accurate information. Eco Local Markets does not take ownership over false misidentified and/or misleading information of such users. Eco Local Markets has the right to delete such information and suspend and/or delete its related content and account. By use of Eco Local Markets and www.ecolocalmarkets.com you agree that this venue holds users solely responsible for content input, read or attached to the site www.ecolocalmarkets.com or in other documentation listed “Eco Local Markets”. You agree to the use of Eco Local Markets at your own risk.

Membership Requirements

Eco Local Markets requires all users to be at least 18 years of age. No accounts or registrations are allowed by the “Terms of Use”, to be created for a minor or by a minor. Accounts are subject to be reviewed at Eco Local Markets discretion.

You agree to pay all taxes associated with sales listed by you the “seller” at Eco Local Markets. Eco Local Markets does not take any responsibility for taxes that are not filled by independent “sellers”.

Your account is solely your responsibility and Eco Local Markets does NOT have access to your password. You agree to take full responsibility of your account/s or any account you have created during your registration. Eco Local Markets does not take responsibility for false advertisements of ethnicity, age, location, gender, and other forms of identification.

You agree to provide accurate information during your registration period and after your secured registration. All information must be accurate and concise. Contact information and payment accounts must be kept up to date by the account holder (“seller”, “buyer”). During registration you must select a “Producer Plan”. The Producer Plans allow each registered user to list a maximum amount of items per year. This year is counted by your registered date.

Fees and Billing

All account information must be yours (the registered) when entering in payment information. Eco Local Markets takes no responsibility in false information upon registration. Such information may be subject to court. Eco Local Markets reserves the right to provide misleading, and unlawful conduct and information to the law when subpoenaed to comply.

Consumers may view products at www.ecolocalmarkets and gain access to its content for free. Eco Local Markets charges fees for a percentage of the sale price when the item sells. Registration fees are also required. Eco Local Markets reserves the right to change and adjust registration and sales percent fees.

Joining and setting up a shop on Eco Local Markets is free (excluding additional sales channels on Eco Local Markets that may have separate fees). Eco Local Markets charges fees for a percentage of the sale price when the item sells. All monies and fees are to be paid in USD United States Dollars. Eco Local Markets charges fees 6%.

You the “seller” agrees to Link your Eco Local Markets Sellers account to Stripe for all funds to be received by sales and bills to be received by Eco Local Markets. You the “seller” must also abide by Stripes Terms of Use. Eco Local Markets is not responsible for third party uses such as Stripe. You the “seller” must contact Stripe with any questions regarding their services.

Eco Local Markets has the right to terminate a listing or account. If an account is closed by its owner, if Eco Local Markets paid a balance to a customer for a non-receivable item your account is subject to termination. All fees must be paid back to Eco Local Markets within 5 business days. If fees are not rendered to Eco Local Markets within 5 business days, Eco Local Markets reserves the right to collect any unpaid fees by the system of the court. Eco Local Markets may use your provided address to send additional information for fees unpaid. Eco Local Markets also has the ability to submit your information to legal authorities and collection agencies.


Listing and Selling

You “the seller” agrees, that all the items you list, you have the right to list and ownership of, on Eco Local Markets. You agree to use accurate descriptions, pictures and context to describe your products.

You agree to list and have your shop return policy visible for each product. You agree to abide by your return policy. Subject to do so may result in account termination.

Prohibited Items & Products

You agree to take ownership and provide proof of ownership when requested by Eco Local Markets for any product listed by you (the “seller”). All products must be listed in the appropriate categories supplied by Eco Local Markets. Eco Local Markets reserves the right to edit products listed in inappropriate categories.

Prohibited products include but aren’t limited to: Alcohol, illegal substances, human body parts, organs, license, second hand products, products that aren’t from the United States, falsely claimed products, unidentifiable products, products that you don’t have proof of ownership of.

Resolution of Disputes and Release

You agree to settle any disputes that may arise within your party (“seller” and “buyer”) before contacting Eco Local Markets. Eco Local Markets can track product shipment and will review product return policy to make a decision based upon information provided by each party to conclude it’s dispute. If a resolution has not been agreed upon in 14 days the “buyer” will receive a full refund and the “seller” may be subject to dismissal to further sales.


You agree that Eco Local Markets does not retain property of the product holder’s account and can not retrieve automatic funds upon an arrival of a dispute.

Ownership & Property

Eco Local Markets is the legal owner of logos and site content, excluding those related to sellers. Eco Local Markets reserves the right to delete misuse of our content and permission for removal of our content on third party sites.


Eco Local Markets will not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties without your explicit consent unless authorized by law.d

Liability Limit

You agree that under no circumstance Eco Local Markets employees are responsible and/or liable for lost, stolen or broken property.


Eco Local markets does not guarantee reliable or uninterrupted access to its site and information.

Legal Compliance; Taxes

You agree to comply with all applicable taxes and laws in your state and code. It is your responsibility to add or pay taxes associated with fees and sold items on Eco Local Markets.

Eco Local Markets Service

Eco Local Markets uses good faith in judgment of account users. We have the ability to terminate or suspend any accounts that do not abide by the Terms of Use listed within this document. Each registered user and persons in contact with Eco Local Markets can be subject to removal of viewing or entering accounts.


Effective Date: May 11, 2015

Updated: 2019

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