How to Have a Sustainable Christmas in 4 Easy Steps

For us, Christmas means spending time with loved ones, gift exchanging, and tons of lights and decoration. For the environment, Christmas means extreme energy usage, tons of paper and plastic waste, and large carbon footprint. We’ve listed a few easy steps you can take to give the gift of a Sustainable Christmas this season.

1. Utilize energy efficient LED lights for your house and tree

LED bulbs last longer and use around 90% less energy than other holiday lights. Because they last so much longer, you also save money and time by not having to replace them so often. It’s a win-win.

2. Re-use or buy sustainably-sourced decorations/wrapping paper

Save your money. No one is going to notice that you had the same Christmas ornaments as last year. If you do want more, try buying from a small or family-owned business to ensure that your money is going back to your community. Pick up some wrapping paper made from recycled paper or hemp fibers. It’s a great way to distinguish your gift from others and save the landfills while you’re at it.

3. Shop for gifts locally

Instead of buying online and racking up thousands of miles of travel, shop at local businesses in your area to significantly reduce your gifts’ carbon footprint. That way, you also won’t have to worry about your gift arriving on time or if it’s been correctly manufactured. Shop sustainable handmade gifts here.

4. Have a locally-bought Christmas dinner

Just like Christmas gifts, often-times ingredients for your Christmas dinner travel thousands of miles to get to your grocery store. Buy local produce this year for a fresher, more sustainable meal. (Bonus points if you leave animal products off your plate!)

Eco Local Markets wishes you a very Merry Holiday Season!

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