Reasons to Buy Local

Reasons to Buy Local

Most people know that shopping locally and patronizing locally-owned businesses is good for the economy, but actually putting this into practice can be a bit more challenging.

So here are a few facts and figures that are sure to convince you to start shopping locally today!

When compared to big box stores, locally-owned companies generate 70% more local economic benefit!

For every $100 you spend, $68 goes back into the local economy when you shop a locally-owned business. (Compare to just $48 for every $100 spent at a big box store!)

Incredibly, big box stores see an annual loss of over $450 per 1,000 square feet of store space, while locally-owned shops see an annual profit of over $325 per 1,000 square feet of store space!

Studies also show that locally-owned companies are more apt to recycle and reuse! Plus, there’s little, if any, expenditure on transporting goods, so you save money on transport. Local shopping also cuts back on the environmental impact of transporting goods over long distances. Each year, the U.S. loses over 15 million acres of trees, and 1.1 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel are used transporting goods. That results in over a billion metric tons of C02 emissions and 3 million tons of toxic chemicals which are released into the environment.

These are just a few of the many compelling reasons why you should shop locally and support your friends and neighbors in their business ventures!

If you’re ready to start shopping locally, it’s time to discover Eco Local Markets. Eco Local Markets makes it simple to connect with local producers and growers in your area. Plus, you’ll save money since Eco Local Markets eliminates the middleman, so you deal direct with local growers and producers and save big.

If you’re ready to start shopping local or want to get started selling your produce, make your way to Eco Local Markets. Learn more today by visiting


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