Our Favorite Handmade Holiday Decorations This Year

For some, buying generic, mass-produced holiday decorations from the nearest big box store is perfectly fine.

Many of us, on the other hand, prefer to fill our homes with unique gifts handcrafted by local artists…and not machines. We want to support small businesses in America, not fill the pockets of CEOs. We want our holiday decorations to be different from our friends’ and neighbors’, each piece with a story behind it.

If the latter sounds like your kind of holiday style, keep reading to view our favorite handmade decorations for winter this year!

1. Origami Ornaments: In red and green, Christmas patterns, and winter blues.

Origami Ornaments, Red and Green

Origami Ornament, Christmas Patterns

Origami Ornament, Winter Blues

2. Fused Glass Christmas Ornaments

Snowy Branches Fused Glass Christmas Tree Ornament

Dichroic Fused Glass Christmas Bulb Ornaments Set of 4

Fused Glass Holley and Berries Christmas Ornament

Fused Glass Christmas Bulb Ornaments, Set of 8

3. Paper Nativity Set

Paper Nativity Set

4. Holiday Sun Catchers

Old World Santa Stained Glass Sun Catcher

Red Christmas Stocking Stained Glass Sun Catcher

Bonus: Handmade Holiday Cards

Greeting Cards, Tatted Christmas

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