How do I get paid for my orders?
With our secured checkout funds are delivered directly to your linked bank account.

How do I ship produce?
Market owners are responsible for maintaining the freshness of their products. Shipping companies have different options for shipping perishable foods. It’s up to the shipper to decide which shipping option will work best. It’s suggested to ship sensitive products quickly to ensure freshness, or offer a “Local Pick-Up , Local Delivery” option to these items.

Am I charged for every item I list?
No. you are not charged for each item you list. You are only charged when a sale is complete.
How do customers get their orders?
We offer three options. Local Pick-Up (by the customer), Local Delivery (by the seller) and Postal delivery. You are able to choose which delivery options are right for your products.

Who can sell on Eco Local Markets?
Eco Local Markets is an American based company for Farmers & Artisans to sell locally. If you produce or make your own products and legally have the right to sell them you may Open a Market to sell your products.

If you have a Wholesale business or a Brick and Mortar business, we still have a place for you. You may list your business in our directory so the locals know you’re in the area.

What do I need to open a market?
You will need clear pictures of your products with detailed product descriptions and an active bank account to receive funds.

How do I add Tracking?
1. Login to your dashboard.
2. Click “orders”
3. Click on the product order #
4. Scroll to the bottom. On the right add “Tracking Number”

What state is Eco Local Markets in?
ELM is an online business that provides a marketplace for vendors across all states.

How do I calculate my state taxes into my shipping?
State taxes are automatically calculated  according to the sellers address and they are populated during checkout.

Do you require certifications or licensure for selling food items?
Yes, each state has different requirements for selling food online. If you open a Market and are interested in selling food we will not be able to approve your products until you have provided us with your state required documents.

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