Fall-Themed Marketing Tips for Your Local Business

When it comes to fall holidays, the public demand for themed decorations, gifts, and foods runs rampant throughout America. It’s important for your business to keep up with the season.

If you sell handmade gifts, consider splashes of color with deep reds and warm oranges. Try adding a few spooky designs for products in October and shifting to homey, more traditional products in November. Wreaths, pumpkin décor, and wall hangings are all super popular during this time.

If you make clothes or jewelry, creating costumes or Halloween accessories could be a great way to grow your customer base. Costumes for pets are also growing in popularity, and could make for some adorable photos on your social media pages. A few other good options include scarves, jackets, and quilts.

If you sell soaps or candles, pumpkin-scented anything is the way to go. Every fall, the pumpkin spice bandwagon comes back in full swing, and it doesn’t look like its dying down anytime soon.  Cider scents and woodsy aromas are also in high demand around the last few months of the year. Consider shaping some of your bath bombs or candle holders as pumpkins or apples too.

If you sell produce, try selling sweet potatoes, pumpkins, red apples, kettle/caramel popcorn, nuts, and even homemade candy in time for Halloween. If your business sells meat and poultry, consider promoting ham and turkey if you don’t already. Add recipes (with photos) to your website or social media with your products to showcase how delicious they’d be in a Thanksgiving meal.

Another great idea is to grow your customer base by selling through a network that supports local business and your community, like Eco Local Markets. You can easily sell on the website make your product accessible to every American buyer. Set up your Eco-shop here!

If you already have a website, consider forming an eco-partnership with Eco Local Markets. For more information, click here!

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