How to Create a Successful Store on Eco Local Markets

Have you ever wonder how to create a lucrative online store on Ecolocalmarkets? Creating an attractive online store can be tricky. That’s why we have done all the hard work for you. Our elite marketplace allows you to upload multiple product images, descriptions and choose between local pick-up, local delivery and shipping. These flexible options allow you to create a successful market on Eco Local Markets.

Tip 1: Images with white backgrounds

It’s difficult for buyers to get a “clear picture” of what a product looks like with a colored background. Images with white backgrounds allow the buyers to accurately see the shape, size and color of your products. You don’t need to have a fancy light box for your products. A simple white back drop does the trick. You may edit your product images by logging into your dashboard and selecting the product you wish to update.

 Tip 2: Full descriptions

Are your products organic, vegan, kosher, nogmo or chemical free?  What state do you make your products in? Are your products crafted with leather, cherry wood or herbs? It’s important to list full descriptions of each product so your shop viewers understand exactly what they are purchasing. This will increase your product ratings and you will have a very low return rate.

Tip 3: Complete your marketplace

Completing your marketplace for sales means to double check the following:

1. Is your business bank account linked to your market for sales? Your products will not be approved by us until this is complete. There is no place for your money to go if you complete a sale. We do not hold your money.

2. Are your market banner and profile images displayed?
If you don’t upload these images in your dashboard your market looks incomplete to your viewers.
3.  Have you provided your contact information incase your customers have questions? As part of our elite marketplace customers are allowed to email your directly from your market so it’s important to have your contact information listed in your settings.

For more information click How to Create Your Online Market.
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