How to Set-Up Your Market!

Do you own a small business selling produce, food, art, clothing, or homemade/handmade goods? With Eco Local Markets, you can create your online market easily, without the hassle of marketing or creating a website. We take care of that for you!

You can open your market free-of-charge and there is no monthly payment. Eco Local Markets profits by keeping only 6% and 30 cents of every completed purchase. While many other sites have listing fees, we have none! You have the freedom to list as many products as you want at a price you choose for no cost!

Once you open your store, our Marketing experts advertise your business completely FREE! This will help increase your exposure and drive more traffic to your Marketplace.

If you want to join our community and grow your customer base, follow these easy steps to open your online eco-market!

1. Visit our homepage and click “Sell on ELM”.

Here you can “Create Your Market“. You’ll be asked to register using a username, email address, and password.

A great, easy-to-remember username could be your full name or the name of your business. Make sure to use an email you check daily, because all orders you receive will be sent there!

2. Click “I am a vendor”.

Enter your first and last name, your desired shop name, the URL you would like (your shop name makes a good URL), and your phone number.

3. Now read through the terms and conditions and click “Register”!

You’re ready to set up shop now!

4. Enter the address of your home or Market.

You can also choose how many products you’d like to display per page. 12 is the most common, as it fills the entire page perfectly. If you’re selling many products, you may want to increase that number.

5. Click “Continue” and set up your payment method.

Connect with Stripe and enter your bank account information so you can get paid! You can’t receive payment for the order unless you connect with Stripe, so make sure to do that now.

6. Now that you’ve attached your payment method, scroll through your vendor dashboard and take a look at some of the features.

You can track your sales, list your products, and manage orders from here. You can also access your store reviews and add coupons.

7. Click “Settings” to customize your store options.

In the “Store” tab, you can upload a profile photo and a banner. A good profile photo would be a business logo or a product picture, and a banner would be a larger logo with your store name, or a photo of a few of your products. It’s important to add a banner and profile picture; it gives a more “professional” feel to your store and adds to your presence in the community. You can also update your address, phone number, and store name here.

Under “Payment”, you can access and update your Stripe account. If you have not already done so, connect your bank account with Stripe.
Note: Eco Local Markets Inc. does not receive access to your banking information entered into Stripe.

You can connect your social media profiles and add an optional SEO description (for search engines) for your store too.

9. Under “Settings”, click “Shipping” to choose your shipping options.

                     Here you will find multiple shipping options. This section controls your entire Markets Shipping. Please see the example below.
Note: This is not for individual shipping per product, please see below for per products shipping

To select shipping per product complete the following steps:
1. Login to your dashboard and click “Add new product”
2. Fill in the new product form
3. Edit the product you would like “per product shipping on”

  1. Click the “Shipping” tab at the top of the product page.
    5. Uncheck the boxOverride your store’s defaults shipping cost for this product

This will allow you to enter the amount of shipping for this specific product only. Here you may also add additional shipping under “Shipping Class” such as $5.00 Local Delivery, FREE Delivery etc.

***Make sure you add a shipping and refund policy, so your customers understand exactly how the product will be shipped and what they need to do in order to receive a refund.

The distribution method is up to you. Termsfeed is a great resource for sample shipping and return policies.

10. To add a product, select the “Products” tab on your dashboard and click “Add new product”.

Add a product name and a photo. Try to make the photos for all of your products consistent and high-quality. A good option is to take all product photos with a high-quality camera and a white/solid background. Make sure to get the entire product in the photo. A photo is the first thing most potential customers will see, so it’s important to get a great picture!

Select a product category and tags so that potential customers can search for your product. For example, if you’re selling organic tomatoes, the tags can include “organic”, “tomatoes”, “non-gmo”, or anything else related to your product.

Then, add a product description. For art or handcrafted gifts, you’ll want to include the size, weight, and materials used to create the product. For homemade food or gifts, it’s important to include how it’s made and the ingredients in the product. When it comes to produce or animal products, include the methods used to grow or harvest the product.

Click “Create and Add New” to continue adding more products.

11. Now that you’ve finished creating your store, manage your orders!

Make sure to check your email daily to manage your orders and ensure they get processed in a timely manner.

All orders will be sent to your email, and you’ll be paid through Stripe. Order payments will not be completed unless you’ve connected your bank account to Stripe.

When an order is completed, click “Orders” in your vendor dashboard and mark the order as “Complete”.

Keep an eye out for any new information in your email or in “My Eco”.

12. Let us market for you!

Once you have your store set up and products listed we will go ahead and Market for you! Easy peazy!

Thanks for joining the Eco Local Markets community!  Contact us or consult our FAQ if you need any extra help setting up your Market.


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