Christmas Marketing Ideas for Your Local Business

Thanksgiving is over, and that means it’s officially Christmas (well, it’s Christmas according to most radio stations and the music playing in every store)! Though the demand for food, decorations, and gifts was high in the fall, the public demand in winter is even greater, and, as a small business owner, you need some Christmas marketing ideas for your local business.

If you sell handmade décor/gifts…

Consider putting your creative skills to work by making holiday decorations like ornaments, outdoor inflatables and figures, lights, or wreaths. Even though most businesses are focused on Christmas, you can even jump ahead and sell New Year’s Eve party favors, balloons, noise makers, and photobooth props as well.

If you work with fabrics and clothing…

Unique stockings, scarves, pillows, and pajamas are in high demand for the month of December. Even if you want to keep it basic, stick to colors like red, green, silver, gold, and white. These are quick eye catchers for Christmas marking.

If you make jewelry…

Christmas is the time of presents! Promote luxurious earrings, rings, necklaces, and watches. Keep some extra inventory (especially diamond/gemstone engagement rings) for Valentine’s day as well. And remember, the more personal the gift, the better!

If you sell soaps, scrubs, perfumes, or candles…

Gone are the days of pumpkin spice. Christmas cookie, pine, apple, and peppermint are the way to go when it comes to scents. To stand out from the crowd, create unique scents yourself while keeping in mind that sweet, buttery, vanilla fragrances do especially well this season. When it comes to bath bombs and soaps, shape and color them like ornaments or Christmas trees to differentiate them from the rest. Reds and green are perfect for Christmas marketing.

If you sell food or produce…

Red apples, pies, ham/turkey, potatoes, and comfort foods are the way to go. Christmas dinners are very similar to Thanksgiving dinners, so if your November marketing strategies worked well for you, keep them going! One activity nearly every family participates in is baking Christmas cookies, so it may be a good idea to add some sugar cookies, dough, or frosting to your inventory. Because New Year’s is right around the corner, alcohol vendors should promote champagne and bubbly wines (the fancier the bottle, the better).

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