Eco Local Markets Inc. is an American marketplace for farmers and artisans to sell local. We support a sustainable future through local purchases, healthy products and education. Our focus is to provide the best online platform that fully supports American farmers and artisans.

Farmers have the ability to be part of a sustainable future by connecting with a network that puts farm fresh products in front of every American buyer. Consumers interest is at its peak with local fresh farmed produce. So now is the time to make sure your farm fresh products are at the forefront of every local buyer.  Farmers do not need to hire someone to make a website for them, figure out an order tracking system or even deliver orders. We’ve got it covered! Our site is ready for you to list products, print orders and set each item to its own delivery option. If you don’t want to ship eggs but you don’t mind shipping kale you can list your eggs to be picked up at your farm and the kale to be shipped or personally delivered. This model supports local purchases, puts money back into local communities and supports a sustainable future. Current locally farmed items for sale include Organic Cheese, Organic Kale, Free Range Eggs and Vermont Maple Syrup. These natural foods are fresher than any third party supermarket. Our Farm to Table website keeps everything fresh and healthy for your enjoyment.

Artisans also have the ability to support a sustainable future by selling their handmade and homemade goods to local buyers. Markets and Farms are among the top American businesses to put money back into the local economy.  Markets from across the country thrive from their hobby driven passions and are eager to provide the most accurate information about their products. Purchasing from a market gives back to local good makers and financially supports the local economy.

Markets have the ability to sell products on Eco Local Markets by building their own Marketplace. Each Marketplace is equipped with order tracking, the ability to upload images, descriptions and choose between multiple delivery options.

Shopping local has proven to boost profits, create more jobs and reduce environmental impacts. Local Market owners have closer business relationships to their clients which allows to optimal service. Today’s consumers are realizing that the FDA isn’t as strict on food regulations as they’d like so it’s always important to know what you’re buying.

“Support Local & Empower People”.

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