8 Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably

If you want to do your part to live a sustainable lifestyle and better the environment (without breaking the bank), follow these easy steps!

1. Buy local

Buying products locally is a great way to lower your environmental impact and improve your community’s economy. Choosing to buy from closer suppliers lowers your fossil fuel footprint, eliminating the thousands of miles food and other products travel to get to you. The National Resources Defense Council often promotes local eating, claiming that “buying locally can help reduce the pollution and energy use associated from transporting, storing and refrigerating this food”.

2. Keep it organic

Buying sustainable organic foods helps to keep harmful chemicals out of our air, land, and oceans. Organic farms conserve usable topsoil and our fresh water supply. On top of that, organic foods are typically a healthier choice, often contain more nutrients and antioxidants than their counterparts.

3. Ditch the bottled water

Save money, conserve water, and reduce your plastic waste by switching to tap water. Plastic bottle production is infamous for being harmful to the environment; polluting our air, land, and water. If you’re concerned about the taste or quality of your tap water, there are plenty of filters or softeners you can use to change it straight from the faucet.

4. Buy in bulk

Purchasing more products at once helps to eliminate plastic packaging waste and the fossil fuel it would burn to make multiple trips. Also, it makes life a lot easier and is usually more cost-effective.

5. Try natural cleaning products

Regular, factory-produced cleaning products emit hazardous (and often toxic) chemicals into the air, polluting the environment, deteriorating your indoor air, and posing a threat to the health of you and your family. Conventional cleaning products have been linked to air/water contamination as well as damage to your liver, kidneys, and nervous system.

6. Get rid of junk mail

Over the past decade, mailboxes have been bombarded with unwanted advertisements and catalogs, contributing to heaps of paper waste and clogging up landfills. In addition to that, opening your mailbox only to receive newsletters you haven’t subscribed to is extremely annoying. Sites like CatalogChoice and DMAChoice can help you easily remove your address from thousands of mailing lists, managing your paper intake and your peace of mind.

7. Vote for green candidates

Before heading to the polls, check which candidates stand for more environment-friendly policies and practices. If you want to easily see how a candidate feels about an issue, visit OnTheIssues.org for voting history of those running for office.

8. Tell your friends

Taking 5 minutes to post an article about sustainability and the environment can influence hundreds of your friends and followers. If you influence just one person to make more sustainable choices, it can create a domino effect to change the world for the better.

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